CaseJunction [New Release] [HR-Z07-1] Self Portrait Premium Selfie Stick Handheld Monopod [Anti-Rotating] + Wireless Bluetooth Remote Shutter Control for Apple iPhone 6 /6s, Samsung and Other iOS Android Phones [Groove Version]
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  • NOTE: for some android phones,if you have some problems with using it, simply download the app 'Camera360' from Google Play, it is free. In case of the shutter is zooming when you press the shutter button, please go to camera setting and change your volume button to shutter button.
  • BLUETOOTH REMOTE SHUTTER -.Simple and light weight camera shutter remote control, allowing you to take picture when you are ready, no need to set up a timer and rush your selfie set-up
  • COMPATIBLE WITH APPLE AND ANDROID PHONES. It comes with Bluetooth 3.0, compatible with IOS 6.0 and Android 4.2.2 system or ABOVE, which can fit all phones width between 5.5-7.0cm. Perfect attach to your iPhone 4/4s; iPhone 5/5s;iPhone 6,iPhone 6s; Samsung, Blackberry; HTC; Sony; LG, etc..NOTE: the phone clamp does not fit Samsung Galaxy Note,S4 S5,S6.
  • CaseJunction Selfie Stick is made of anti-rotating steel grooved STEEL Monopod.
  • TAKE SHOTS FROM ANY ANGLE. Extendable stick as long as 90cm. Adjustable ball head and thumb screw of monopod locks for multiple angle shooting with 180 degree position.

Product introduction

It is a selfie bluetooth remote control which can go with the selfie monopod perfectly to use for iPhone/iPod/iPad, Samsung , and other system over Android 4.2.2 and IOS 6.0 and above mobile phone normally. It can reach 10 meters to selfie when there are no obstructions.

Brief introduction usage: 

Open the remote control switch and blue lights flashing. 
Open the mobile phone bluetooth, and search for new devices (AB shutter 3), then pairing and connecting. If you cannot pairing and connecting successfully, try more times by turning off the bluetooth and remote shutter and turning on them again (make sure that there is only one device pairing and connecting to the bluetooth remote shutter once). 
Open the phone camera software when the pairing and connection is completed and take photos. 
Put the cell phone into the phone clamp 
Attached the mobile phone clamp to the monopod and tighten the screw
Stretch the monopod
Launch the cell phone camera application 
Point the camera and press the shutter release button on the handle to take photo.
Note that the Android OS is an open system with no unified standard. Some mobile phone manufacturers use the standard Android OS but others modify it to their own preferences. Even the same brand of may use different versions of the Android OS on different models in their line. Monopod supports most of the mainstream Android systems of release 4.2 or higher. Below are additional tips to help you use it with your Android phone. 
On Samsung phones, open the Camera Settings and change the function of the Volume button to Camera / Capture as follows:
Open the Camera 
Click on the Gear icon to access the settings
Click on the "Volume Key" 
Select the "Camera Key" option
If that doesn't work, some Android users may need to download the free "Camera 360" app from the Google Play store..

Experts Reviews-

I recently got this CaseJunction selfie stick and I have been testing it out for a week. I have a lot of different selfie sticks from various companies and I have learned that not all are created equally. The cheaper ones tend to have a telescoping arm that just pulls out, they may or may not have a working bluetooth remote or it may not work at all. This selfie stick is better than many I have seen and has some nice features that go beyond the basics.The selfie craze is touching crazy heights and in many situations your arm is too short to click that perfect selfie ! There a selfie stick comes to the rescue :-) I will summarize my experience in easy to understand Pros and Cons. Read on-

- Selfie Stick with removable holder
- Bluetooth remote
- CR2032 button cell ( Easily replacable, costs about Rs. 30).
- User Manual.

1) Connection is very stable via bluetooth. Setting up is fast and quick, connects just like a phone would connect with another phone.
2) Long reach upto 90 cm. This is the reason why we buy selfie sticks and it does the job perfectly.
3) Pictures get clicked as soon as you click the remote shutter button. No lags at all.
4) Can be rotated 180 degrees. You can fix the phone in any angle.
5) Phone of upto 5.5 inches screen size fit perfectly. The fitting is very tight and the phone never moved even a bit.
6) Very portable and lightweight. You can carry it anywhere.
7) Good quality accessories provided like cable, etc.
8) Connected with my mobiles K3 Note, iPhone 6, Redmi 1S, Canvas A1 and Nexus 5. The connection was very stable and worked perfectly with each and every phone.
9) Easy to grip silicon handle very comfortable.
10) The bluetooth remote is very helpful and you can use it from a distance also and use it to click group photos as its range is about 25 feet.


Absolutely none. Believe me ! No lingering issues at all !!
Will update if I face any in long term usage.

Here are some troubleshooting tips you can try -

-On Samsung phones, open the Camera Settings and change the function of the Volume button to Camera / Capture as follows:
-Open the Camera
-Click on the Gear icon to access the settings
-Click on the "Volume Key"
-Select the "Camera Key" option
If that doesn't work, some Android users may need to download the free "Camera 360" app from the Google Play store..

If you are in the market, looking for a sub Rs.600 selfie stick, this is the cheapest and best option available. Most other sticks in this price range are cheap , shabby Chinese ripoffs that don't work most of the time. This looks quite good compared to them, However, this deal will be even sweeter if you can get it a Lightning Deal .Great for day to day uses, picnics and family outings. A Must Buy !

Hope this helped you. Have a great day !!

'The Build quality is best at this price.The rubberised handle cover is of much better quality.Pretty easy to carry in a bag.
'The handle is covered with soft foam coating for better grip.
'There is a wrist band at the bottom
'Remote shutter with inbuilt Bluetooth.There are two buttons ,one for default camera app and other for third party camera apps like camera 360,candy cam,B612 etc.
'"Smartphone holder" holds the smartphone real tight .Suitable for smartphone width within range 2.2 - 3.3 inches.
'Easy to setup.Turn ON the remote switch>>Search and pair with smartphone>>and you are ready to take selfies.

-Selfie Monopod with detachable holder
- Bluetooth remote shutter
-CR2032 button cell.
-Cardboard Manual.
#-Connected it with Android,windows and IOS smartphones.Pairing was pretty fast and All of them worked perfectly.
#In Android-While using default camera app ,it takes the pic when you double tap on the camera button and ZOOMS in when you tap on the camera360 button.
-While using the CandyCam,it takes the pic when you tap on camera360 button.
-if you press the camera button while you are in the home screen,it will launch the google now.

#Windows(LUMIA 730 )-Surprisingly this one also works with my windows phone .It took the pics real quick.

#IOS(iphone 6) -Works flawlessly.

#The remote shutter comes with a button cell 2032(3V,200mAh).which will last for a year and so....(can be purchased from local stores at rs20 ).
#Adjustable holder for selfies at angles upto 180 degree.
-Wide phones upto 3.3inch in width can be used.
#Maximum distance for remote shutter =10 meter (which is basically the Bluetooth range ).

'Yes, its a little expensive than the other photron version. But still i would recommend this one. Especially because its grooved and thus anti-rotating. The smartphone holder is comparatively better.
'You can contact me for more details(check my profile).